Work / Occupational Related Injuries

  • Cumulative stress/repetitive disorders
  • Post-traumatic injuries

We provide the necessary medical care, treatment and prescriptions related to your injury.

A job-related injury can be acute or cumulative. An acute musculoskeletal and nerve injuries can be related to such as a fall episode, sprain/strain of a muscle, joint, ligament, tendon, muscle, back; or cumulative or repetitive known as cumulative trauma disorders.

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders arise from ordinary arm and hand movements such as bending, gripping, holding, twisting, lifting, clenching and reaching. These common movements are not particularly harmful in the ordinary activities of daily life.

What makes them hazardous in work situations is the continuous repetition, often in a forceful manner, and most of all, the speed of the movements and the lack of time for recovery between them.

Work patterns may include fixed or constrained body positions, continual repetitions of movements, force concentrated on small parts of the body, such as the hand or wrist; or a pace of work that does not allow sufficient time between movements.

We Physiatrists individually design a treatment program customized to the injured employee needs, provide a comprehensive approach to pain and focus on improving function and occupational rehabilitation.

With effective job accommodations and clear understanding of the return-to-work process, you can be back on the job sooner.